The Rain

Written in 2018 as an assignment for my English class (English as a foreign language). Due to poor skill and the lack of experience, grammartical mistakes might be made. Be free to point them out!

I come to my hometown to play. The weather there isn’t very dry. It often rains though in winter.

It’s a rainy day today. It smells like something fresh in spring – the earth. And my sneakers are sopping. It’s raining gently outside and the sky is still bright. I love rainy days. They’re blissful days when the plants are sucking the raindrops falling from above the vast plains in the sky. I always stay inside my wooden cottage and do nothing but staring outside. I enjoy the rain. The raindrops hit the roof of my barn and makes me happy. It is as if playing a pop song.

However, rain brings trouble as well. I feel isolated from the outside world, especially my friends that are awaiting me to play. I hear the wind weeping when I think of not being able to go outdoors, although my pet spaniel keeps me company.

Nevertheless, it’s not too bad since the rain comes with solitude. Often do I read books inside by the fireplace. This feeling is wonderful.

I don’t know whether rainy days are happy days or lonely days. Anyway, I love these days.