sudo shutdown -r now

You may be puzzled that all the blog posts are gone. This is because I had my blog cleaned up a few days ago.


The other day, I suddenly found that my blog was occupied by articles that are not helpful at all. Seeing these, I was determined to restart my blog. It was so great a feeling. The _posts directory empty, I got relieved.

Before this, my posts are either “stolen” from the others or just full of nonsense. Here, I am committed to not making such an unforgivable thing happen any longer. After all, the blog was completely built by myself — the about page, the configuration of the theme, the font, etc. were all made through effort. I had modified the theme a lot, adjusting the blog to be good-looking. And what about the result? Filled with trash!!! lol. What on earth am I doing!!!

So, where the past blog posts? Actually, I did not really delete them. I just placed them in the Draft directory. Of course, you are inaccessible to them. lol.

Let’s get to know each other again. Run the code sudo shutdown -r now!